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Wrapping a C# library for Python

Do you have a C# library that you would like to use in Python? You can do it with our service, which can help you create a Python Wheel package from any .NET assembly or NuGet package. A Python Wheel package is a standard format for distributing Python modules and packages, that can include binary extensions and dependencies. Our service can help you create a Python Wheel package that works on Linux, MacOS, and Windows, and that can be easily installed with pip. This way, you can access the functionality of C# library in Python projects.
c sharp to python conversion scheme
c sharp to cpp conversion scheme

Translating a C# project to C++

Do you have a C# project that you would like to translate to C++? You can do it with our service, which can help you translate any enterprise-level C# library or application to its native C++ counterpart with minimal manual effort. Our translator support library provides C++ equivalents for .NET Framework types and methods, that allow the resulting C++ code to run in the same environment as the original C# code. The translated code is able to be compiled for Linux, MacOS, and Windows platforms, ensuring versatility and cross-platform compatibility.

Translating a C# project to Java

Are you looking for a way to convert your C# project to Java? With our service, you can easily translate any enterprise-level C# library or application to its native Java equivalent with as little manual work as possible. Our CodePorting.Translator Java Class Library provides equivalents for .NET Framework types and methods, that ensure compatibility with existing C# code. This compatibility makes the translation process easy and fast, as you can smoothly integrate your C# code into Java projects.
c sharp to java conversion scheme
Providing a solution to run a source code translation automatically. A product is able to be fully translated to target programming language and CPU architecture.

Source-To-Source Code Translation

Providing a wrapper solution of your existing product. It is created an intermediate layer between your product and APIs of the product in target programming language.

Create a Product Wrapper

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features of our products
product feature
Adding new architecture Extend architecture support for a product
product feature
Adding new programming language API Translate code base to another programming language or wrap an existing product
product feature
Setup infrastructure for language services Setup a product translation infrastructure for continuous product releases to different technical stacks


  • Are there any limitations on the size of the project that can be translated?

    There are no limitations on the size of the projects we can translate. Our technology is capable of converting even very large projects with millions of lines of source code, such as Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF.
  • How does the service handle dependencies and external libraries during the translation?

    For the target languages Java and C++, most standard libraries are already included in the translator and are connected automatically. Other dependencies must either be translated from their original source code or replaced with Java/C++ equivalents. In the case of creating a project wrapper for Python, any dependencies and external libraries can be used, they will be wrapped together with your project.
  • Can the service translate code comments and documentation as well?

    Yes, the service can translate both code comments and documentation. Additionally, it is capable of translating unit tests associated with the project.
  • What is the cost of the service and what pricing plans are available?

    You can get a free license for our products on the Free License page. For details on the cost of the service and available pricing plans, please see the Paid Consulting Policies page.
  • Does the service provide support after the code translation is complete?

    We provide a fully operational infrastructure for automatic product conversion, with the capability to modify the product's source code and release updated versions. Should there be a need for further enhancements to the translator or adding new features, you are welcome to contact us again.

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