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What is CodePorting?

A complete framework that can achieve 100% automatic porting of source code from one programming language to another. It saves developers valuable time by making their code or applications cross platform compatible with ease. CodePorting makes it possible to run software in an environment for which it was not originally written or intended to execute in.

Complete Porting Control

Complete Porting Control

Control the translation of exact language constructs via global rules or by setting custom attributes in the original code.

Pre-compiled Helping Libraries

Helping Libraries

Pre-compiled libraries to emulate .NET types & manage memory for unmanaged code. Helps compile the ported code.

Simple Usage

Simple to Use

Schedule porting tasks by writing CLI scripts or use GUI to manage workspaces with several inter-dependent projects.

Product Showcase

CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp

C# to C++ Source code Convertor

Building a solution for fully automated code porting is complicated & resource consuming but once built and perfected, such systems can benefit the continuously improving large applications.

CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp is most suitable for the organizations who are maintaining their software in C# but wish to release the C++ equivalent on a regular basis.

  • Source code to source code
  • API preservation
  • Type system reproduction
  • Memory management model
  • Ported code overriding
  • Satisfying external dependencies