Using Your CodePorting License

Evaluate CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp

You can easily download CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp for evaluation. The evaluation version simply becomes licensed when you apply license to CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp.
The evaluation version of CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp (without a license specified) provides full product functionality, but it throws evaluation error message and stops the translating process when source C# project does not comply to evaluation limitations.

Evaluation Limitations

  • Project with a single file with a single class
  • Maximum 10 members declaration
  • No non-system dependencies allowed


The license file contains details such as the product name, number of developers it is licensed to, subscription expiry date and so on. It contains the digital signature, so don't modify the file. Even inadvertent addition of an extra line break into the file will invalidate it. You need to set a license before utilizing CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp API if you want to avoid its evaluation limitations.

Applying a License

You can easily apply license to remove evaluation limitation of CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp. The license is applied by simply putting license file into root directory of CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp application.

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