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Client Testimonial

"At Aspose, we specialize in developing software components that empower our clients to tackle complex tasks. Our product, Aspose.PDF, was initially designed for PDF manipulation within the C# environment, but market needs called for an expansion into other language platforms.

Thanks to the solutions provided by CodePorting, we were able to successfully convert Aspose.PDF for use in C++, Java, and Python. This transition allowed us to tap into new markets and significantly increase the number of product downloads and sales.

The release of our product for Python on deserves special mention, as it enabled us to capture the attention of a broad range of developers who utilize this popular programming language.

We are grateful to CodePorting for their assistance in enhancing the capabilities of Aspose.PDF and look forward to continued collaboration aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers."

Successfully converted to C++ , Java and Python

Product conversion overview

Project Data

Source language


Aspose.PDF for C# logo
Lines of source code 3,655,000
Standard System namespaces, System.Drawing, System.Security, System.Reflection, Newtonsoft.Json

Completed Work

Converted to C++
Converted to Java
Wrapped for Python
Services provided Setting up product translation infrastructure for continuous product releases
Enhancing the translator with additional functionalities to accommodate new product capabilities
Supported platforms Linux, Windows, MacOS x64/ARM

Results Overview

Increase in the number of downloads +40%
Sales growth N/D
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