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Client Testimonial

"I would like to share our experience with CodePorting's services.

In line with Aspose's commitment to cross-platform compatibility and recognizing the growing prominence of Java and Python in the programming community, we decided to extend the reach of Aspose.3D beyond its original C# codebase. The objective was to enable our product's integration into Java and Python ecosystems, thereby increasing its accessibility and market potential.

CodePorting provided the necessary expertise to translate our C# codebase efficiently into Java. Their guidance was crucial in establishing a continuous translation infrastructure, which has allowed us to maintain and release updated versions of Aspose.3D autonomously.

The addition of Python is particularly noteworthy, given its rapidly growing popularity and its potential to boost our sales. We anticipate that this strategic move will lead to an expansion in our user base and a corresponding increase in product adoption.

We are satisfied with the quality of work and the timeliness of the services provided by CodePorting. Their support has been instrumental in enhancing the versatility of Aspose.3D and ensuring its continued relevance in a competitive market."

Successfully converted to Java and Python

Product conversion overview

Project Data

Source language


Aspose.3D for C# logo
Lines of source code 300,000
Standard System namespaces

Completed Work

Converted to C++
Converted to Java
Wrapped for Python
Services provided Setting up product translation infrastructure for continuous product releases
Supported platforms Linux, Windows, MacOS x64/ARM

Results Overview

Increase in the number of downloads +37%
Sales growth N/D
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